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Monday, August 16, 2010

Health and Herbs

If you haven't noticed lately, the world is getting greener everyday.  It used to be just our trash we worried about, now it's everything from food to automobiles.  More and more people are now trying to eat green. By that I mean herbs.  Herbs have been used for centuries, but have gained popularity with the Green movement. For years herbs have been linked to health.  However, today they can be used to help with anything from weight control to serious diseases like Crohn's disease.  Green tea extract is a very popular herb today which is said to improve overall health.  According to an article on, there a lot of other herbs becoming popular for the treatment of disease and other common health conditions.  The problem is knowing what herbs to take for what condition and where do you go to get them.  Well, look no further.  I have a website to a company that has been researching and developing herbs for over 40 years.  You can find out more information at Health and

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